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We recieved the QH 3-star quality certification

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We recieved the QH 3-star quality certification

The IDIS awards the QH quality certification in category 3 stars to the hospitals Sanitas La Zarzuela, Sanitas La Moraleja and Hospital Sanitas CIMA



The Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (IDIS, for the Spanish acronym) has today awarded Sanitas Hospitals the QH certification with its maximum level of 3 stars. This distinction shows the effort that every medical centre and professional at Sanitas Hospitals makes each day to ensure that the care given to patients and relatives reaches the highest levels of quality.

The attainment of this certification is due to the determination of Sanitas Hospitals to implement a total management system relating to the quality of its services, which is why it has also been awarded the EFQM European Excellence Award and the prestigious Joint Commission International recognition. For its part, the Hospital de Manises, managed by Sanitas, has also obtained a QH certification in the one-star category.

In the words of Jesús Bonilla, general manager of Sanitas Hospitals, PPPs and New Services, "the fact that we have become the first entity to obtain the QH 3-star certification, awarded by the IDIS, is a great source of pride for us. Many people have dedicated their effort and talent to obtaining it, making our medical centres benchmarks of excellence in healthcare".

The IDIS' QH certification is a system developed by a panel of experts in healthcare management of different autonomous communities that seeks to the focus in health organisations on the quality of care in their services, understood as a protocol developed and maintained over time. Its creation arose from the need to establish a common unit of measurement incorporating the indicators necessary for the measurement of care quality in health organisations.

There are different categories within this certification, ranging from one to three stars. Sanitas has become the first entity to obtain the maximum level. "Our aim is to ensure that our patients enjoy longer, healthier and happier lives each day and the QH certification reflects the effort that our professionals make each day to achieve it", concluded Bonilla.


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