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Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Department

This medical/surgical specialism is a specific branch of plastic surgery. Its purpose its to repair and reconstruct the shape and of the affected area, abnormal structures and external parts of the body which, for certain reasons (congenital, development, growth or due to scars, trauma or other factors), are deformed.

We cover emergency care by means of the on-call system.(24/7/365). External consultations, located in the centre, house the consultation and post-surgical cure activities. The surgical activity is completely and exclusively performed in the surgical area of the centre, in both outpatient surgery and inpatient surgery.

The noteworthy areas within the specialism are:

This also forms part of the multidisciplinary "Breast Reconstruction Unit" in which, together with Oncology and Gynaecology, we offer comprehensive treatment of said pathology.
Post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.
Including nervous microsurgery techniques, and palliative paralysis surgery.
Multidisciplinary "Skin Tumours and melanoma Unit".
Selective radio-guided lymphadenectomy in collaboration with the Nuclear Medicine department.



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