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Allergology and Immunology Department

Clinical allergology and immunology is understood to refer to the medical specialism encompassing the knowledge, diagnosis and treatment of the pathology caused by immunological mechanisms, with the techniques pertaining thereto.

In our department, we perform diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the allergy processes (adults and children) presented, be they environmental, food or medication allergy consultations. According to the medical history of the patients, challenge studies are carried out with both foods and medication.

We have vast experience in food allergies, with special attention to increased food allergy due to cross-reactivity in light of sensitivity to profilins and LTPs.

We always perform the food and medication challenge studies in a safe environment, in a consultation exclusively dedicated thereto and with the support of the ICU and A&E staff when d.

We develop the Desensitisation to Foods and Medications study: Milk and egg in children (or in adults if d) and desensitisation to medication, including chemotherapy agents.

Our portfolio of services also s hymenopteran sting allergy studies (bee, wasp), other stings, latex, eosinophilic oesophagitis studies.

We have a close working relationship with medical specialisms such as otolaryngology, dermatology, digestion, as our patients share a pathology which is cared for by these specialisms. And we also frequently share patients with Internal Medicine, Pulmonology and Geriatrics. The proper operation of the hospital and its different medical departments affords us a fast and efficient exchange of information, always for the benefit of our patients.


Within this department, the following services are provided:

  • Medical consultation.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic tests.
  • Inhalant skin tests.
  • Food skin tests.
  • Medication skin tests.
  • Standard and special epicutaneous tests.
  • Spirometry and bronchodilator test.
  • Latex allergy study.
  • Hymenoptera allergy (bee and wasp stings).
  • Local reactions due to stings of other insects.
  • Sensitivity to Anisakis simplex.
  • Sensitivity to profilin.
  • Sensitivity to LTP.
  • Eosinophilic oesophagitis.
  • Contact eczema, atopic dermatitis, hives.
  • Challenge tests with food and medication. Desensitisation to chemotherapy agents and other drugs.
  • Immunotherapy Unit with allergy vaccination schedule guaranteeing flexibility and control in administration.
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