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Pain Management Unit

Pain Management Unit

Pain units or clinics are medical services dedicated to the study and treatment of patients with severe and almost always chronic pain, who do not respond to conventional treatments.

Patients are almost always referred by other specialists once they consider their usual therapeutic arsenal exhausted or when the origin of the pain is not clear.

The most common consultation causes are spinal pathologies (in operated and non-operated patients), severe osteoarticular pain, neuralgias and neuropathies, fibromyalgia, perineal pain, cancer pain, some types of headaches, etc.

The multidisciplinary approach with other specialists is fundamental for treating many of these cases, and so the department has other specialists such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, physiotherapist, etc., as well as consultants in all medical disciplines.


Some 60% of the patients assessed in the Pain Clinic come for pain associated with cervical, dorsal or lumbar spinal pathologies. Of these, 50% have already been operated on at least once.

The study of the possible causes of the pain: disk pathology, degenerative pathology, post-surgical fibrosis, etc., is fundamental to be able to establish an adequate treatment plan. There are many percutaneous and minimally invasive procedures (epidural nerve blocks, transforminal injections, radiofrequency, epidurolysis, etc.) which can, in the majority of cases, resolve or at least alleviate this suffering.

Working in harmony with the surgeons makes it possible to decide better in the end which patients surgery.

  1. Computerised infrared thermography
  2. Ultrasound-guided treatments
  3. Cryoanalgesia

Muscular and tendon injuries (tendinopathies, enthesitis) in athletes can treatment more focused on a faster and more effective recovery. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy techniques are essential for the treatment of these cases.

For the most complex symptoms, we have a high-definition ultrasound system to be able to perform treatments accurately on the damaged area. The computerised infrared thermography makes it possible to assess, in a simple and non-invasive manner, the development of the injury until the ad integrum recovery is achieved. The incorporation of combined cold and pressure techniques is one of the latest advances in the recovery of elite athletes.

This is an innovative technique making it possible to introduce a 1 mm- diameter camera into the medullary canal in order to view it live and assess the development of pathologies such as post-surgical fibrosis. It is performed under local anaesthesia and light sedation, as an outpatient procedure.

The least invasive and traumatic device available on the market has been developed in our centre.

  • Medullary stimulation.
  • Peripheral stimulation.
  • Spinal.

Electrical stimulation of the nervous system using small electrodes fitted percutaneously and performed through the outpatient facility making it possible to treat certain desperate cases of pain that do not respond to any other treatment, such as consequences of spinal surgery, peripheral neuropathies, ischemic pain in lower extremities. (it can prevent the amputation of the limb due to its vasodilator effects), angina pain or migraines.
In cases that do not respond to treatment, spinal catheters and subcutaneous pumps can be fitted for administration of analgesic and anaesthetic drugs to mitigate the most severe cases of pain.

Conventional and pulsed radiofrequency techniques are used to treat multiple osteoarticular (such as degenerative lumbago), radicular (sciatica, for example) and nervous (trigeminal neuralgia, meralgia, etc.) pathologies.

We have the most advanced devices, which we are constantly updating, to be able to use the most adequate one for each pathology.

The clinical efficacy of acupuncture and moxibustion techniques in many pain processes is endorsed by multiple first-class scientific publications. It must be performed by a doctor with specific training recognised at university level.
The anti-inflammatory effects of the ozone have been being used for many years in osteoarticular processes as an alternative to conventional treatments. In moderate pain processes, its use can be considered in cases.
Makes the administration of drugs through the skin possible to reach muscle and t levels. It allows effective treatment of several osteomuscular pathologies without the use of needles to inject the drugs.
Participation in International and Multicentre Clinical Trials makes it possible to access the latest innovative treatments for free. Recruitment-phase trials.
Coordinated by the Neurology department. It poses a multidisciplinary approach for one of the most frequent causes of pain in our area.



Dr. Martín del Avellanal Calzadilla.
Dr. Gonzalo Díaz-Regañón Vilches

Dr. Alejandro Orts Castro

Dr. Lucio González Montero

  • Associate Neurologist
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Acupuncture Doctor
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Physiotherapy and Osteopathy
  • Nursing
  • Auxiliary Nurse


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